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August to-do list for Austin’s Gardeners


by Chris Winslow

1. Mulch and water: Austin gardeners. . . your vegetable garden,
landscape, flowerbeds and trees need some help to make it through
August. Mulch generously, and water deeply.
2. Lawn care: Your grass also needs deep, infrequent watering (5
day schedule) and keep the cutting height for your lawnmower as
high as possible. This will help shade the roots and conserve water.
3. Vegetables: This is the month to start sweet corn, okra, snap
beans, cream peas and black-eyed peas from seed. Because the
first frost (on average Nov. 27) is likely to occur within 120 days,
use transplants for your peppers and tomatoes. During the second
half of this month, plant your broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts.
4. Survive! While it is nice of you to nurse your plants through
this brutal month, it is perhaps even more important that you look
after yourself. Here are three gardening rules that you must follow!
1. Garden early in the morning. 2. Wear effective sunscreen and a
large brimmed hat (such as the Tula in photo above).  3. Drink
gallons of water!

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