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Helping our Birds through Austin’s Summer

                                   by Chris Winslow
1. Water: Set up a birdbath in your Austin-area garden. Keep it topp-
ed up every day, and clean once a week. Keep the area nearby clear,
so that predatory cats have nowhere to hide.
2. Food: Help our feathered friends survive with good quality seeds.
Buy in bulk from feed stores to save money.
3. Hummingbirds: Mix 4 parts water to 1 part sugar and place in
a feeder, and enjoy the magic of the visiting hummers. Make sure
your feeder is red (their favorite color), and you can tie a red ribbon
nearby to help them find their way.
4. Brush piles: While out in the yard, create little brush piles here
and there out of twigs and branches. This will protect the birds so
they can feed on the ground, and if a cat appears or a hawk swoops
down, they’ll have somewhere to retreat.
5. Native landscapes: Our native birds grew up with native berries,
and they are the best form of nourishment. Keep this in mind when
shopping for plants.  Sunflowers, salvias, yaupon holly, possum haw
holly, agarita, coral berry, American beautyberry and Turks caps are
all good choices. (More details at
Happy Gardening Everyone! (photo: wiki)

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