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The Fiddle Leaf Fig

                                     by Chris Winslow  With over 850 species of plants throughout the tropical and sub- tropical world, the family of plants known as 'figs' forms one of the most useful groups of plants in the world. Among them is…
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In Praise of Prides of Barbados

                                  by Chris Winslow   If  I could only add one plant to my south Austin landscape a year, my choice at the moment would be pride of Barbados. This member of the pea family (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) is one of the showiest…
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Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers

                                  by Darrel Mayers Most of us struggle as designers… and when faced with a terra cotta pot or half a whiskey barrel by the front door to fill with plants, for me there's quite a lot of guesswork involved. Luckily…
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Helping our Birds through Austin’s Summer

                                   by Chris Winslow   1. Water: Set up a birdbath in your Austin-area garden. Keep it topp- ed up every day, and clean once a week. Keep the area nearby clear, so that predatory cats have nowhere to hide. ____________________________________________ 2. Food: Help our feathered friends survive with good quality seeds. Buy in bulk…
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