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Finally. . . a Raspberry for Austin, Texas gardeners!

                                   by Chris Winslow For those of us gardeners that are looking for a challenge, growing raspberries in the central Texas area has often been a dream. Good news! Along comes a self-fertile raspberry called Caroline that might have…
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How to Combat Fungus, Mold in Austin Gardens

                                    by Chris Winslow 'At ease disease, there's a fungus among us…' perfectly describes a host of plant disease problems that we are encountering after the wettest May on record here in central Texas, with 15.8 inches being the…
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Growing Yellow Bells (Esperanza) in Austin, Texas

Th                                       by Chris Winslow One plant that's starting to blossom out nicely at the moment is yellow bells.This beauty has many names. Officially they call it   Tecoma stans.  It is also known as esperanza (Spanish for ‘hope’), yellow trumpet, and ginger thomas. Yellow bells have glossy-green, lance-like leaves, and large,…
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What Makes Peppers Hot? by Mick Vann

In honor of Herb of the Year pepper (capsicum), we are proud to offer an advance chapter from Mick Vann's upcoming e-book 'Old Mex, New Mex and Tex Med: Favorite Recipes of regional Mexico, Texas and New Mexico.' Available this summer. ___________________________________________ From the time of the first arrival of chile peppers to the Old…
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