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lady banks roses
Our romance with these woody perennial beauties goes back thousands of years to Persia, China and the countries of the Mediterranean. In the early part of the 19th century,  Joséphine, wife of French emperor Napoleon, had a small army of gardeners at her Château de Malmaison working on her collection of over 250 varieties of roses. (From this we have the rose Souvenir de Malmaison.) But we are all rosarians at heart, and we're lucky in Austin to be able to visit the rose gardens at Zilker Botanical Garden in the spring, or view the collection at the fenceline of the Austin State Hospital on Guadalupe near the university. Or we can just bring the beauty of roses into our landscapes and gardens.

Some of the roses we stock (seasonally) at It's About Thyme include:



Mutabilis (pictured), Belinda's Dream, Old Blush, Souvenir de Malmaison


pink double ko

Pink Double (pictured), Red, Rainbow


white drifts

White (pictured), Pink, Red, Yellow

Climbing Roses

zephirine drouhin climbing rose

Zephirine Drouhin (pictured), Climbing Souvenir de Malmaison, Chrysler Imperial, Lady Banks

David Austin roses

austin prince

the Prince (pictured), Gertrude Jekyll, the Squire, Westphalia

Floribunda & Hybrid Teas

child rose

Julia Child (pictured),  Iceburg, Hot Cocoa, Queen Elizabeth, Grandma’s Yellow, Don Juan